The Greater Cincinnati Stroke Consortium is a group of healthcare workers from the Greater Cincinnati area who are dedicated to spreading education about stroke. The GCSC provides stroke education to grade schools in the Greater Cincinnati Tri-State Region. Our age-appropriate curriculum, written by a nurse practitioner and GCSC member, teaches children the signs and symptoms of a stroke and the challenges stroke survivors face on a daily basis (dressing, writing, cooking, etc.).

School curriculum for stroke education

Our school curriculum program helps to empower 3rd to 12th grade students to save lives and live healthy so they can prevent strokes in the future. It is an interactive program lasting anywhere from 45–90 minutes, based on your school’s or classroom’s needs, including a 45-minute presentation and lots of fun, interactive activities.

The curriculum is very flexible, and we encourage involvement of the teachers during the program. We can even bring our giant inflatable brain if there is a location for us to inflate it in (such as a cafeteria, field, or gymnasium).

Get Involved with Our School Program

If you are a stroke survivor, we would love to have you tell your story as part of our school program! Please contact Janie Nordman at [email protected] for more information.

In-Depth High School Program

Now teaching an in-depth program for high school classes! We discuss pathology of stroke and more advanced content for these older students, a great offering for biomedical or other medical track programs. We can schedule through the whole school year.

Cost: Free for schools

Includes activities such as sheep brain station, mini CPR station, PowerPoint presentation, and survivor stories.

Please email [email protected] or [email protected] to schedule your class today!

Schedule a Presentation for Your School

To schedule a presentation for your 3rd to 12th grade students, or if you have any questions, please contact Janie Nordman at [email protected].